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In this context, nanotechnology derived imaging contrast agents, such as magnetic nanoparticles, have the potential to unveil long distance reservoir architecture , establishing fluid-flow trends, and identify reserve growth potential. The high magnetic susceptibilities of these particles compared to most reservoir rocks and fluids make them ideal potential magnetic contrast agents to mix with proppant and help to monitor the progress of hydraulic fracturing jobs downhole.

This project aims to the development of novel Magnetic Nano-Particles MNPs with controlled size, shape, and surface coating, acquiring long-term aqueous stability and long-distance transportability into the harsh oil reservoir environment.

Demonstrating The Benefits of Solid-State NMR to Non-Experts

MNPs will be flooded with water into oil reservoirs, and their flow paths will be tracked with logging Electromagnetic Methods magnetic permeability alteration maps , providing thus a novel methodology for 3D mapping of fracture architecture and fluids distribution in the Middle-East Carbonate Reservoirs. Laboratory and small-scale pilot implementation current phase. Development phase, i. Toggle navigation. Group Leader Dr. Papavassiliou George. Fardis Michalis, Dr.

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Papavassiliou George, Dr. Karagianni Marina, Dr. In addition: i Development and application of solid state NMR methodologies in condensed matter systems. Panopoulos, M.

Solid-State NMR IV Methods and Applications of Solid-State NMR

Pissas, H. Kim, Jin-Gyu Kim, S. Yoo, J. Hassan, Y.

AlWahed, S. Alhassan, M. Fardis, N.

  • R.R. Ernst (Foreword of Current Developments in Solid State NMR Spectroscopy);
  • Solid-state NMR reveals high-resolution protein dynamics on a microsecond scale;
  • Bibliographic Information;
  • Group Members.

Boukos, G. Jena,Shahrukh Z. Hassan, G. Diamantopoulos, L.

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Gkoura, M. Karagianni, S. Alhassan, S. Kumar, M. Katsiotis, T. Karagiannis, M.

Panopoulos, H. Kim, M. Beazi-Katsioti, and G. Ladavos, Dimitrios Petrakis, Alexios P. Douvalis, Yiannis Sanakis, Marios S. Atom RSS Feed NMR spectroscopy Definition Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectroscopy is a technique that detects the chemical environment of atomic nuclei by the absorption of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation when in the presence of a high magnetic field. Dobson , Michele Vendruscolo , Lisa D.

Cabrita , Christopher A.

Recent developments in solid-state NMR spectroscopy of crystalline microporous materials

Winklhofer , Ana J. Research 27 August Open Access Solid-state NMR spectroscopy based atomistic view of a membrane protein unfolding pathway Studying the unfolding of membrane proteins in a native-like lipid environment is challenging. Nature Communications 10 , Nature Protocols 14 , Cabrita Scientific Reports 9 , Nature Methods 16 , News and Views 15 July Enzyme catalysis under pressure A strategy using pressure was devised to structurally identify conformational transitions in protein ensembles, allowing the rational prediction of mutations that induce pressure-driven enzyme activation.

Nature Catalysis 2 , Nature Reviews Chemistry 3 , News and Views 18 February Tightening a deadly pore former A small molecule was identified that binds to a unique site on the pro-apoptotic protein BAX, stabilizing the protein structure allosterically and preventing the conformational activation to a pore former by BH3 proteins. Nature Chemical Biology 15 , News and Views 17 December The makeup of a gamete space capsule Sporopollenin, which encapsulates gametes in spore and pollen grains, is probably the most chemically inert biopolymer.

Nature Plants 5 , 8.

Current Developments in Solid State NMR Spectroscopy

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Solid State NMR - How To Fill Rotors

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