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Bell, Dragos Ghioca, Thomas J. Mathematical surveys and monographs ; no. Shapiro Universitext Springer ebooks G. Albers, Gerald L. Alexanderson, William Dunham.

MAA spectrum. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume A comprehensive course in analysis part 3. Graduate studies in mathematics ; v. Providence, R. Lewis, Sergei V. Petrovskii, Jonathan R. Abeles, Mark E. George, Abdollah Khodkar, W. Berry, Paul W. Mielke, Jr. London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; Jan W. Wiley series in probability and statistics. Buchstaber, B. This book explains how these functions work on the molecular level and then discusses nanotechnology that uses the same structure-function relationships.

This book provides insight into designing intelligent materials and structures for special application in engineering. The book discusses simulation and experimental determination of physical material properties, such as piezoelectric effects, shape memory, electro-rheology, and distributed control for vibrations minimization. Our book provides anintroduction that covers nanodispersions. Most often used in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetics industry, liposomes are used to carry drugs, peptides, proteins, vitamins, and other actives to specific target destinations organs.

Tharwat F. Tadros, Wokingham, UK. Nanoparticles presents the variety of nanoparticle families, structures, and functions. The book discusses nanoparticles made of semiconductors, metals, metal-oxides, organics, biological and hybrid constituents. Through a wealth of examples and case studies, readers that are not necessarily active or experts in this area acquire a broad overview of this exciting field at the interface between scientific research and practical technologies.

With the increasing world-energy demand there is a growing necessity for clean and renewable energy. The market for solar cells is one of the most strongly increasing markets, even though the prize of conventional solar cells is still quite high. New emerging technologies, such as organic and hybrid solar cells have the potential to decrease the price of solar energy drastically.

This book is your graduate level entrance into battery, fuel cell and solar cell research at synchrotron x-ray sources. Materials scientists find numerous examples for the combination of electrochemical experiments with simple and with highly complex x-ray scattering and spectroscopy methods. Physicists and chemists can link applied electrochemistry with fundamental concepts of condensed matter physics, physical chemistry and surface science.

The production of forestry products is based on a complex chain of knowledge in which the biological material wood with all its natural variability is converted into a variety of fiber-based products, each one with its detailed and specific quality requirements. This four volume set covers the entire spectrum of pulp and paper chemistry and technology from starting material to processes and products including market demands. As a mature topic in chemical engineering, the book provides methods, problems and tools used in process engineering control.

It is the ideal addition to the first volume Basic Process Engineering Control. It is written for students and graduates in chemical or process engineering and for chemical or process engineers in all industries. Paul S. Agachi, Mircea V. Cristea, Alexandra A. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources is a major challenge these days. This book presents the basic science and technologies used to convert terrestrial and aquatic biomass into fuels and chemicals.

The value chain for biomass conversion into platform molecules and their transformation into final products are presented in detail. Focusing on both general sciences and innovations in the field, this book is intended for students and researchers in industry. This textbook presents processes, modern research and applications in white, red, green and blue biotechnology using a color-coded classification. General introductions, concluding paragraphs, key terms, addressed problems, and recommended additional readings to each chapter are ideally suited for advanced graduate or master students and will also be a good reference for PhD students, physicians, engineers, attorneys.

An account of the world and our place in it

Chemical Kinetics for Engineers focuses on the different aspects of kinetics and dynamics of complex chemical processes. Readers will find a multi-use instrument, covering in detail the theoretical concepts of chemical kinetics and providing a guide to experimental gathering and interpretation of kinetic data.

The author also introduces the applications of kinetic type measurements in other branches of chemistry supplied by numerous examples. Reactor design for Chemical Engineering deals with maximization of product yields and the net present value for the chemical reaction, optimization of the reaction efficiency, and minimization of costs. This book discusses the best choice of catalysts, different reaction steps and intermediates and the design of the catalytic reactors, in which the catalysis and chemical reaction are combined to achieve intensification.

The book discusses the sciences of operations, converting raw materials into desired products on an industrial scale by applying chemical transformations and other industrial technologies. Basics of chemical technology combining chemistry, physical transport, unit operations and chemical reactors are thoroughly prepared for an easy understanding.

Dmitry Yu. This new revised edition treats the basic chemistry of high energy materials — primary and secondary explosives, propellants, rocket fuel and pyrotechnics — and examines new research developments, including hydrodynamics and ionic liquids. Applications in military and civil fields are discussed. This work is of interest to advanced students in chemistry, materials science and engineering, as well as to all those working in defense technology.

New study problems and questions. Distillation basedon Mass Transfer Processes, starting from the basic equation of ternary distillation published by Hausen in and exploiting the properties of this equation covering all modes of distillation. The material is intended as a graduate textbook for an advanced course on distillation but will also help the practicing engineer to better understand the complex interrelationships of multicomponent distillation.

Nanofibers with specific properties, designed for various applications e. The most promising technique for their production, electrospinning, uses an electrical charge to draw fibers from liquids. Techniques to produce cross-linked, patterned, aligned, or three-dimensional materials are explained with regard to practical usage. Joachim Wendorff, University of Marburg, Germany. Thermodynamics, adsorption and interaction forces between emulsion droplets are thoroughly explained. Supplemented by many figures and tables, it helps to characterize and select the right emulsifier for various industrial applications.

This book discusses different methods for the assessment of an energetic compound through its heat of detonation, detonation pressure, — velocity and — temperature, Gurney energy and power. Also a focuses is on the detonation pressure and detonation velocity of non-ideal aluminized energetic compounds. Simple, reliable methods are demonstrated where they can be easily used for the design, synthesis and development of novel energetic compounds.

Mohammad H. In Cosmetic and Personal Care main characteristics, properties and ingredients of formulations are presented at both the fundamental and practical levels Interdisciplinary science involving chemistry, biology, formulation science, pharmacology, marketing. This revised 2nd edition of Engineering Risk Management presents engineering aspects of risk management. After an introduction to potential risks the authors presents management principles, risk diagnostics, analysis and treatments followed by examples of practical implementation in chemistry, physics and emerging technologies such as nanoparticles.

Formulations starts with a general introduction, explaining interaction forces between particles and droplets, self-assembly systems, polymeric surfactants and nanoemulsions. The second part covers the industrial examples ranging from foams, soaps over to hair care, sunscreen and make-up products.

Combines information needed by formulation chemists as well as researchers in the cosmetic industry due the increasing number of products. The book provides a complete overview on inorganic pigments and their use in dye industry. Each chapter introduces a certain class of pigment in respect of fundamentals, manufacture, properties and toxicology and thus being very valuable for paint chemists and materials specialists.

The readers will benefit from a concise and well-structured text, numerous examples and a set of test questions in the end of each chapter. All major industrial inorganic chemistry processes, from the largest down to the smaller niche processes that have now become extremely important in maintaining the current quality of life. Importantly, each chapter will include some discussion on the creation of by-products, pollution, and any necessary waste generated in a process, and will discuss ways in which industry has made them more environmentally benign.

Industrial Organic Chemistry examines all major industrial manufacturing technologies and reaction types with a focus on organic chemistry. In particular, the author introduces bio-sources for each class of compounds and compares bio-based organic chemicals to the corresponding petro-based materials. Each chapter includes a discussion on supplementary important topics, such as process selectivity, waste management, product purification, etc.

Integrated Bioprocess Engineering covers engineering tasks around the cultivation process in bioreactors like media design, feeding strategies, or cell harvesting. All aspects are described from conceptual considerations to technical realization. It gives insight to students of technical biology, bioengineering, and biotechnology by detailed explanations, drawings, formulas, and example processes of medical and industrial applications.

Hirt, Eylem Asmatulu, Grace V. Aquino, W. Nanotechnology safety is the practice of handling engineered nanomaterials in production and manufacturing. Good practice consists of understanding and interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets, behaving safely when working with yet unknown nanomaterials, understanding health effects, and proactively creating safety measures against potential hazards.

This book introduces nanotechnology risk management to readers from academia and industry. Tate and C. Polymeric Surfactants covers the structure and stability origins of these highly useful surfactants. Adsorption and solution properties in emulsions are discussed based on their underlying thermodynamics and kinetics. Research scientists and Ph. This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to chemical process engineering, linking the fundamental theory and concepts to the industrial day-to-day practice.

It bridges the gap between chemical sciences and the practical chemical industry. It enables the reader to integrate fundamental knowledge of the basic disciplines, to understand the most important chemical processes, and to apply this knowledge to the practice in the industry. This book provides a general overview about chemical and biochemical process technology. It focuses on the structure and development of production processes, main technological operations and some important aspects of process economics.

For the technological operations the author emphasis operating principles, reasons for application and available industrial equipment. This book focuses on the importance of design in all innovation stages for both processes and products and also how to perform these designs. The authors apply these in detail on life cycle, value chain, industrial implementation, processes, unit operations, chemistry, equipment and operations toward sustainable processes and products.

Swinkels, TU Delft, Netherlands.

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Process intensification aims for increasing efficiency and sustainability of bio- chemical production processes. This book presents strategies for improving fluid separation such as reactive distillation, reactive absorption and membrane assisted separations. The authors discuss computer simulation, model development, methodological approaches for synthesis and the design and scaleup of final industrial processes.

Research Laboratory Safety explains the most important prerequisite when working in a laboratory: Knowing the potential hazards of equipment and the chemical materials to be employed. Students learn how to assess and control risks in a research laboratory and to identify a possible danger. An approach on the hazard classes such as physical, chemical, biological and radiation hazards is given and exercises to each class prepare for exams.

Daniel R. Risk and Safety Management are crucial aspects in chemical industry and academic laboratories. From their rich experience in academic education and industrial practice, the authors present options for professional training addressing engineers and scientists at different career levels. Thierry Meyer, Ecole Polytech. Lausanne, Swiss; Genserik Reniers, Uni. Antwerp, Belgium; Valerio Cozzani, Uni. Modern Science is teamwork. But how can young academics go from being a productive member of a scientific team to leading their own? The authors aim to equip young academics with the right ideas and strategies for their scientific leadership development.

Become a successful leader not with tricks, but the correct mindset, straightforward vision and teamwork. Suspension Concentrates is a survey into the theory of the formulation and stabilization of suspensions, elaborating on the breaking of aggregates and agglomerates and the role of dispersing agents on flocculation and electrostatic and steric stabilization. Practical analysis by rheology is discussed. Suspension Concentrates is ideal for research scientists and Ph. In its second edition, Sustainable Process Integration and Intensification continues the presentation of fundamentals of key areas of both fields.

Thoroughly updated and extended to include the latest developments, the reader also finds illustrated working sessions for deeper understanding of the taught materials. The book is addressed to graduate students as well as professionals to help the effectively application in plant design and operation.

Modern applications of nuclear chemistry concern various scientific disciplines, such as high-sensitive, high-selective, and non-destructive analytical technologies, pharmaceutical and medical research with state-of-the-art non-invasive molecular diagnosis as well as with patient-individual treatment, and nuclear energy. This book also discusses the issues waste managements and environmental aspects. This comprehensive handbook covers the diverse aspects of chemical vapor transport reactions from basic research to important practical applications. The book begins with an overview of models for chemical vapor transport reactions and then proceeds to treat the specific chemical transport reactions for the elements, halides, oxides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, pnictides, among others.

This book presents the fundamentals of chemistry in light of their importance for the environment and environmental processes. The comprehensive discussion is structured in three parts: the first part is introducing the theory of physical chemistry, the second part is evaluating elements and compounds, and the third part is presenting principles of environmental chemistry. This book systematically illustrates theories and technologies in Histochemistry, including different kinds of enzymes, immunohistochemistry, polymerase chain reaction, related electron microscopic cytochemical techniques as well as the quantitative assay metrology.

Abundant experiments as well as vivid images are demonstrated, making the book an essential reference for both graduate students and researchers in biochemistry. Chemistry as key factor in chemical synthesis, catalysis, sustainable, environmental and analytical chemistry. Microwave Chemistry has changed the way to work in chemical laboratories and is an established stateof-the-art technology to accelarate and enhance chemical processes. This book not only gives an overview of the technology, its historical development and theoretical background, but also presents its exceptionally broad spectrum of applications.

Microwave Chemistry enables graduate students and scientist to learn and apply its methods successfully. Spectroscopic techniques as chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, and receptor-based bioanalysis are presented in detail. Dendrimers are highly symmetric, branched macromolecules. Since their discovery in various improvements to synthetic routes, convergent and divergent methods, have led to a huge variety of compounds with manifold applications. This book focuses on dendrimers for analytical applications and discusses synthesis strategies as well as physical properties of the resulting molecules.

The KLK proteins and their encoding genes are increasingly attracting attention among scientists and clinicians worldwide as they represent interesting and functionally distinct biomarkers both under physiological and pathophysiological conditions. This volume on kallikrein-related peptidases KLKs reviews the characterization, regulation, and interactions of these proteases within the protease web.

The authors describe in precise detail the standard equipment and routine procedures for the safe handling of two characteristic land birds — passerines and waders. The methodology presented in the book includes, among others, morphometric measurements, fat scoring and orientation tests.

In this book, top researchers in the field of protein biochemistry describe modern methods to address the challenges of protein purification, folding and degradation. The significance of peptide purity for fibril formation, the use of target oriented peptide arrays, the design and application of protein epitope mimetics, and the structural resolving of the misfolding of mutant proteins enlarge are addressed. Every clinical laboratory devotes considerable resources to Quality Control. The objective of this book is to propose a roadmap for the application of an integrated QC protocol that ensures the safety of patient results in the everyday lab routine.

This volume on kallikrein-related peptidases KLKs reviews the role of these proteases as biomarkers in a wide range of malignancies including cancers of the lung, prostate, breast, ovary, kidney, stomach, and colon. It provides clinicians, physician scientists, and cancer researchers with in-depth overviews on the emerging clinical relevance of KLK protein or gene expression in these malignancies.

Jeremie M. Gras, Clinique St. Luc Bouge, Belgium. Inappropriateness in Laboratory test requesting by under or over requesting can greatly compromise the patient safety. Improving the appropriateness of test ordering behaviour through strategies is crucial to ensure the optimalcontribution of the laboratory to clinical decision-making and patient safety. This book gives valuable insights into the features of effective and ineffective clinical handovers in a variety of common hospital context.

It provides practical, accessible and relevant protocols and checklists for dealing with a range of handover contexts. Initially known for its beautiful images of the faces of babies, 3D ultrasound has become an important tool in prenatal diagnosis for its ability to image fetal organs in normal and abnormal conditions. This book is a state-of-the-art work conceived as a practical guide to the application of 3D ultrasound in obstetrics.

It is illustrated with more than images reflecting the clinical utility of 3D ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis. Rabih Chaoui, Berlin. Kai-Sven Heling, Berlin. This book presents a detailed description of fetal alcohol syndrome as well as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders with respect to their clinical presentation, diagnosis, epidemiology, and pathogenesis.

It also includes detailed considerations of underlying psychopathology, prevention, and therapy as well as the social consequences and impacts to patients. Ehrich, Norbert Felgenhauer, Walter G. This book offers 70 diagnostic algorithms for screening methods as well as for the stepwise diagnosis of the most common symptoms and diseases, enabling a structured diagnostic process. These laboratory diagnostic pathways areaccompanied by information on pathophysiology, preanalytical measures, implementation, and interpretation of results.

This case studies book is a unique, practical, cutting-edge, indispensable go-to resource for physicians and educators in medicine. Each case study is framed by learning objectives, an evaluation section, thought-provoking discussion questions andreferences to further readings.

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The book is conveniently organized along the continuum of medical care delivery, providing quick access to adhoc solutions in safety- and quality-compromised situations. Annegret F. Juhasz, USA. The preanalytical phase is an important component of Laboratory medicine and errors arising in this phase affect the validity of laboratory results. In this book physicians and clinical staff have access to valuable information about the current preanalytical variables and factors patient preparation, sample collection, handling and processing before analysis.

This book describes biological and medical phenomena and how they can be virtually simulated by breaking them down into basic principles. It introduces a wide spectrum of applications, from molecules, tissues, and organs up to the whole body, with a focus on how to use and interpret these simulations. The book is complemented by topics such as serious games and distance medicine.

Cortical Brain Stimulation has emerged as a brand new, cutting-edge option for the treatment of intractable neurological and psychiatric disorders. Devoid of the mortality and disabling morbidity that may accompany deep brain stimulation, stimulating the cortex with a minimally invasive surgical approach proved its worth for Central pain, Parkinson Disease, Dystonia, Stroke and Coma rehabilitation, Epilepsy, Depression and Tinnitus.

Ralph J. This book scrutinizes Nordic — in particular Norwegian — working life and welfare states from the perspective of institutional change. The analyses range from property rights, boardroom politics and wage formation to old-age pensions, care work and childcare policies. The book describes promotion and fostering of positive psychological change in everyday life, focusing on the concept of Flow of Consciousness — an experience of subjective psychological wellbeing that nourishes and complexifies the Self.

The authors propose a wide overview of positive psychological experience, considering individual characteristics, the influence of context, culture, social relationships, and new technologies environments. Paolo Inghilleri, M. D, University of Milan. This pioneering book presents initial analysis of the theoretical and methodological issues underlying LMOOCs and gives empirical evidence of their potential for the development of language communicative competences.

It offers a broad view of LMOOC research with respect to the geographical and institutional origin of its authors and on the heterogeneous nature of their academic backgrounds, as well as suggesting directions for future development. This edited volume is designed to discuss important issues around open access to data and software in academic and commercial archaeology, as well as to summarise both the current state of theoretical engagement, and technological development in the field of open-archaeology. How is solidarity achieved in highly diverse societies — particularly those that have been until recently characterized by relatively homogeneous populations?

What are the implications of growing levels of diversity on existing social arrangements? These two fundamental questions are explored in this edited collection, which examines the challenges of minority integration in four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Peter A. However, these media cannot be reduced to being a tool available solely to politicians. This book focuses on a specific subset of nonprofits, chartered to decrease the burden of government. Engaging NPOs to relieve the burden of government requires both an understanding of specific governmental burdens and corporate tax exempt law.

This book provides a basic introduction to social work. It discusses the ambiguities of social work, looking at its historical and social developments and facing the challenges of the 21st century. The authors examine and discuss the thematic and methodological field of social work within the concept of Reflexive Modernism and thus give fresh impetus to the discipline. A Comprehensive Guide for Retail Firms holistic management approach book on the topic that is suitable for both retailers and manufacturers around the world ff Valuable insights for academics and practitioners ff Only.

In the age of cross-channel commerce, successful firms must identify, develop, and implement the right cross-channel services to attract and satisfy their target customers. Thomas Rudolph University of St. Many people have some knowledge of trading strategies, but have no idea how to pull it all together. Trading Options for Edge teaches readers how to structure a portfolio that makes more money with less risk.

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This introduction to German financial accounting provides ideal support for German-speaking students taking English-speaking lectures in the field. The first part of the book offers a compact introduction to financial statements according to German GAAP, the second part comprises exercises on individual topics with solutions, case studies, and multiple choice questions for in-depth and effective learning. This textbook discusses the most important theories of internationalization, including Product LifeCycle, Internalization, Location, International New Venture concepts, and others.

These models are grounded to a considerable extent in the Transaction Cost Theory and the Resource-Based View as explained in the book. Relevant market entry strategies are explained in light of crucial determinants of international business decision making. This work concisely presents methods for integrated marketing, sales, and customer management, and is orientated to practice and implementation. It sketches a modern and forward-looking marketing approach for domestic as well as international small, mid-sized, and large firms in the B2B market.

The book offers a combination of the basic knowledge needed over the long term as well as current, specific risk issues, and includes practical applications based on quantitative examples. It thus offers an integrated model of corporate risk management under consideration of the aftereffects of the financial crisis and climate change. It is useful for undergraduate and graduate students as well as professional practitioners in this field.

Chainoglou, Univ. Donders, Univ. To make sure that sending employees to Germany and receiving them from Germany goes smoothly and efficiently, this work answers the questions most frequently asked by foreigners engaging with German law. A valuable reference work, it addresses common legal issues that arise in the HR management of international employee assignments.

Numerous research projects have studied the Nubian cultures of Sudan and Egypt over the last thirty years, leading to significant new insights. The contributions to this handbook illuminate our current understanding of the cultural history of this fascinating region, including its interconnections to the natural world. Gary Farney, Guy Bradley Eds.

This handbook endeavors to be a resource for archaeologists, historians, and other scholars interested in investigating ancient Italic groups from the earliest period they are detectable to the time when they begin to assimilate into the Roman states. It includes both archaeological and historical perspectives on each people as well as chapters on themes that cut across all Italic groups.

Alessandro Naso Ed. This volume presents a cutting-edge overview of the history and development of Etruscan Studies. This is a new reference work for all those interested in the Etruscans. Topics span German-speaking lands and cultures from the 18th to the 21st century, with a special focus on demonstrating how various disciplines and new theoretical and methodological paradigms work across disciplinary boundaries to create knowledge and add to critical understanding in German studies.

The series editor is a renowned professor of German studies in the United States who penned one of the foundational texts for understanding what interdisciplinary German cultural studies can be. All works are peer-reviewed and in English. Jamie H. Books: Americas Walter de Gruyter, Inc. Journals: Americas Walter de Gruyter, Inc. Brinton, Alexander Bergs Eds. Brinton Eds. Dina Tsagari, Jayanti Banerjee Eds. Corbett Ed.

Bischoff, Carmen Jany Eds. Maud Devos, Jenneke van der Wal Eds. Series Pb. Christopher Nugent Transl. A Literary History of Globalization Transl. Karl Reichl, University of Bonn, Germany. De Gruyter Lexikon pp. Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory Xn. Hans-Heinrich Korle. Publisher: De Gruyter Oldenbourg , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title "Higher mathematics" once pointed towards the involvement of infinity. Product Description : Infinite series are the unifying thread that runs through the history of mathematical analysis. About the Author : Hans-Heinrich Koerle, form. University of Marburg, Germany. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by De Gruyter Seller Rating:. Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg