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Madison: preeminent architect, maverick, patriot, and patron Person Place Thing is an interview show hosted by Randy Cohen based on the idea that people are particularly The City, State, and Federal governments have provided subsidies for affordable housing for decades, but this housing is not built by them, it is built by developers. Many years ago, Architectural historian Dale Allen Gyure will discuss the career and life of Minoru Yamasaki — , best know as the architect of the World Trade Center.

Born to Japanese immigrant parents The built environment impacts health at every scale that we design and build in.

This understanding has magnified in recent years with a particular focus on interior design, material health Big data has become an increasingly contentious subject. Scandals at Facebook, Equifax, and other technology and data collection companies have exposed the potential of big data for malicious use. Come learn about our program at our spring open house, featuring presentations about our faculty and curriculum, along with admissions information for , and a discussion of career opportunities in In our climate-shifting world, the traditional Japanese notion of mediating between interior and exterior has re-emerged as an essential concern for contemporary architects.

Book Talk , Continuing Education , Talk. Boynton House in Rochester, New York, from to In her multi-media presentation, Kim recounts the joys and pitfalls This course provides an overview of mold prevention. Topics in this course include: Types of moisture intrusions, how to detect them, how to prevent them and what to do once This event will provide an introduction to the process and benefts of the practice of intumescent fireproofing.

Intumescent paint is your friend. It can be used in creative design solutions where Educating homeless children is a national dilemma that presents significant challenges, particularly to the organizations who serve this population and to the architects who design their facilities. In this presentation, Through shared dialogue between with poets, educators, artists, architects and activists, this participatory program will explore how identity and cultural forces can influence the process of how we design, both The Birth — Part 2 is the second of two conversations exposing deeper investigations into Hip-Hop Architecture.

Each speaker will discuss the origins of their association with the architectural movement The Beijing Olympics were a seminal moment for Chinese culture on the global stage, one that featured landmarks by Western architects as emblems of contemporary design and served as Celebrate 15 years of Log on Monday, December 3! Log 44 Fall marks 15 years since Log 1 rolled off the presses in September Frederick P. The Irwin S. Albert Frey, the unpretentious Swiss-born, midth-century architect, was a key figure in the introduction of Corbusian-influenced modernism to the United States.

Through his innate curiosity about the American landscape, he Professional Development , Talk , Tour. Tour: p.

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Panel: p. This evening event How do you exhibit a building, a locality, a city? This is the second of a two-part series where our Fellows will Meejin Yoon. Nader Tehrani, Dean, The Birth — Part 1 is the first of two conversations exposing deeper investigations into Hip-Hop Architecture. Through the lens of two distinct practices and areas of expertise — architecture and sustainability consulting — this lecture and panel discussion will explore how both groups view the energy A performing arts center is one of the most challenging and rewarding buildings an architect can design.

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Have you wondered how to be more involved with decision making for your community? Join us for an informative session to demystify the New York City community board application process Speakers will Independent transportation advocates from Resilience planning across all domains has become a crucial part of national, state, and local discourse in recent years. We know that the Architects and design professionals must make thousands of design decisions throughout the life of a project. How do designers evaluate their design options with realistic 3D images?

With V-Ray for More and more women are slowly ascending to top positions at established firms in design, development, and construction. Some of those who have ascended then take the leap to start The New York Digital Design Community is a forum that focuses on showcasing technology-driven design by leading New York individuals, practices, and universities. Two panels will explore the maker industry and its role in developing More and more people are taking to the streets to create flexible, short-term design interventions. From open streets to play-streets, chair bombing to guerilla gardening, citizen-led design interventions have filled Introductions: Benjamin Prosky, Assoc.

Join us for a conversation between social-enterprise pioneer and Peabody Award-winning broadcaster Majora Carter and former New York Times Ethicist columnist Randy Cohen in a live recording of the radio Join us for an exploration of Harlem Grown, an urban agriculture center, with founder and director, Tony Hillery. Learn about the community effort to transform an overgrown and abandoned garden This inaugural half-day event is designed to ignite discussions and inspire information sharing around the technological topics that are most pressing to workplace practitioners!

How neighborhoods receive new development often reflects how included residents feel in the development process. Open Studio for architecture and landscape architecture graduates interested in our two-semester Graduate Urban Design Program directed by Distinguished Professor Michael Sorkin. Tour the Spitzer School of Architecture, meet current In September , the Civic In the same year, the Mayor of London Join the Building Energy Exchange for Designing with Light Efficiently , a discussion on the incorporation of efficient industrial lighting design into architecture.

The event will begin with a presentation by While the Passive House However, many of his most cohesive projects—especially the architecture—were done in Metro Detroit, where he lived from How can higher education be transformed, and how can students be better equipped for a changing world?

Renowned scholar of history and technology Cathy N. Davidson and Pratt President Frances This interactive journey through Times Square will include little known Contemporary architecture is much more than merely the art and practice of designing and constructing buildings. It is an interdisciplinary practice that accounts for environmental, economic and social challenges while The depot is ugly, cramped, dark, dangerous, difficult to navigate, and plagued by train Following the presentation will be a moderated What would happen if everything in the built environment was designed to be restorative and regenerative?

This is the core of a circular economy—that products, building materials and furniture no Networking , Talk , Tour. Every week, Archtober invites you to an exciting behind-the-scenes look at some of the most innovative architecture firms in NYC.

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Among her foremost With the highest concentration of coworking spaces in the country, New York City is a key influencer in this rapidly evolving category. Various typologies of coworking have emerged, serving new Responsive cities are the new frontier in human settlement, engaging residents and prospective citizens from the very beginning in the planning and management of their habitats based on smart city In light of new technologies and A former military base virtually unknown to New Yorkers for nearly two centuries, Governors Island has been activated into a beloved seasonal destination for recreation, arts, culture, learning, and play, Blogs and e-zines have rapidly changed the nature of This lecture series will be held at the new Benjamin Join us to discuss the increasingly urgent need for affordable housing in our expanding urban centers.

As more and more people pour into our largest cities, where do we house From transportation to affordable housing to climate resilience, cities across the world are Odile Decq is a French architect and The increasing number of architects from Flanders and Brussels who execute projects abroad is matched by wide-ranging international interest in Flemish architectural culture, as evidenced by exhibitions at renowned architectural Join BE-Ex for the publication of Pursuing Passive, an in-depth study of converting an existing, high-rise multifamily building to the Passive House standard while it remains fully occupied.

Working with This interactive forum will bring together voices from various Exhibition Program , Networking , Talk. For the first time ever, the proposals for the Join us for an inspiring evening with international pioneers of natural and mixed-mode ventilation, as we explore two north eastern case studies, HouseZero at Harvard University and Morgan Avenue in The modern design world takes influence from global sources.

Innovation and ideas are sourced from any number of countries, cultures and environments. Architects and designers are being asked to incorporate Everyone is biased. Our brains are continually making quick judgments of people and situations. These minute assessments are influenced by our background, cultural environment, and personal experience. Known as unconscious Join SITU Playgrounds fulfill a critical role in urban schools and neighborhoods, making space for physical and social wellbeing. The design of playgrounds goes far beyond equipment, incorporating planting and natural elements, Created with Presentations and a panel discussion will be followed by a workshop by BlackSpace October 4th, on the campus of UConn Stamford, the economic development officials of Stamford, Norwalk, Yonkers, and New Rochelle will come together alongside developers with active projects in the region This lecture series will be held at the new In different parts of the world, and across different building types, the meaning and application of sustainability may be considerably different.

How can firms with a large reach develop a Architects and designers across the country are invited to participate in the second annual National Day of Learning. For decades, architects and designers have specified wood to bring warmth and This event will discuss the current emergency lighting requirements in the NYC Building Code, including egress illumination, options for emergency power systems generator, inverter, battery pack, EM lights , challenges when Networking , Talk , Workshop.

Topics covered include: Distinguishing methods Each program includes A survey of the lighting requirements of NYC and NYS energy codes, as well as local laws and regulations that impact lighting systems, including an overview of the Greener, Greater Enjoy great Spanish tapas and wine at the Cosentino showroom To date, dozens of political histories, participant autobiographies, journalistic accounts, and academic investigations have addressed the many aspects of the War on Terror. Networking , Professional Development , Talk.

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Over the last few years, The Bronx has seen a resurgence, including a Join the AIANY Civic Leadership Program as we explore alternative placemaking processes with guests who are leading conversations about the democratization of the built environment. We will examine how The Living Product Challenge certification calls on manufacturers to walk the talk of restorative sustainability by making their own operations Net Positive with respect to water, energy, climate, waste and How can Cities like Boston and New York City have revealed the lasting consequences of inequity, effects that can no longer be ignored.

This event will explore the complicated intersection of architecture, Take a deeper This event was shared on Facebook Live. Watch the video here. In the face of persistent social inequities worldwide, how can architects make a meaningful contribution?

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Meeting our need for housing in New York is tough. We need to Local and international This panel event will feature presentations from three architecture firms that have completed Passive House retrofits that meet EnerPHit, the rigorous Join us for another inspiring installment of the Diversity X Design Breakfast Series with Amy Macdonald, who will discuss infrastructure and leadership in engineering, as well as actionable steps in At times impatient with the pace of industrial innovation in producing smart, low-carbon, responsive building products and systems, designers are now jumping into the arena with do-it-yourself research and development The study found a strong correlation between high levels of ventilation and The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, The past fifteen years have been marked by numerous tragedies.

New York City is desperate to find new ways to deliver , affordable housing units by On July 24, , at pm, architect Mario Corea, Hon. He is the founding partner of To better understand how robotics might shape the future The AIANY Women in Architecture Committee presents an architectural practice panel focusing on the work of sole practitioners who combine their passion for architecture with interests outside their firms; giving A two-day platform with high-quality Keynote and Seminars, good conversations and fruitful networking.

Benefits of live events Can design help restaurants and food service facilities go zero waste?

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In the third In the framework of the exhibition Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, , opening at the Museum of Modern Art on July 15, architects represented in the exhibition will This course has been approved for 1. Infrastructure is banal and wondrous, ubiquitous and hidden. The task of presenting it to a general public—in galleries, publications, or events—comes with a unique set of challenges, distinct from architecture As business developers, or any of us in client-facing roles, we are presented with numerous opportunities and scenarios for establishing or developing relationships with clients and prospects.

There are also There is a growing interest in understanding more about the materials that go into the spaces that we occupy. However, the process to understand these materials is complex and time-consuming Part of the AIA Conference on Architecture , Architect Live took place in booth as a way for conference attendees to hear from industry leaders on a variety of Stop by booth to hear from industry leaders on a variety of topics including biophilic design, mitigating In , thirteen architects met in New York to form an organization to promote architects and architecture. The AIA was born.

House Plan: Robert Dye on Holl’s Pamphlet Architecture no 9 | News | Architects Journal

Ten years later, the AIA held its first annual Designing Waste explores how architects, designers, and Burgee, one of the founders of the influential firm When combined with regeneration, civility, and health, they create an emergent property The goal is A widely-discussed contemporary construction In recent years, resilience planning across all domains has become a crucial part of national, state, and local discourse. It is essential to engage policy makers and funders in early Rosario Candela played a major role in shaping the architectural legacy of twentieth-century New York.

Today, his buildings rank among the most prized in the city, almost one hundred years The world is evolving quickly, and scientific research developments are keeping pace. Scientists working in high-tech labs are exposed to a multitude of risks due to the nature of their See how the work of 63 historic and contemporary women architects, engineers, and developers has shaped Discover new Revit features that help improve your workflow and productivity.

Revit comes through with new features and enhancements that help multidisciplinary teams deliver projects more productively. After a series of exterior fires in high-rise buildings around the globe, the fire protection industry has taken a closer look at the role exterior wall construction played in these As we approach very high performance levels, small design elements become more significant.

In this session focused on commercial buildings, John Straube will discuss the tricky details required to meet The plan contains a series of ideas to create a more dynamic, Direct Air Capture DAC refers to a range of emerging technologies that draw and convert atmospheric carbon into stable forms. This carbon can then be sequestered or productively reused, effectively Program requirements for new urban residential developments are constantly evolving. It is critical that we learn from failures lest we repeat the mistakes that cause them.

While the analysis of structural failure can involve complex technical and procedural issues, common Preeminent lighting designers will discuss the differences between lighting for safety and for feeling, developing a vocabulary about lit space, and the surprising ways that lighting carries symbolic meaning about Systems can help designers meet new energy codes, reduce costs, Join us for an interactive presentation and discussion—dignity in elimination: designing the all gender bathroom. We will explore common assumptions about bathroom access, inclusion, and the gendering of space.

New Practices New York, a biennial competition since , serves Every week, the average New Yorker throws out nearly 15 pounds of waste at home and another nine pounds of waste at work and in commercial establishments. Altogether, that adds These proposals and reflections were captured Rodriguez, FAIA. SpeakerSusan T. Mass timber is quickly becoming a viable construction option for tall buildings due to its strength, beauty, and carbon sequestration potential. Come hear from a diverse panel of professionals as Networking , Partner Program , Talk. Join Building Energy Exchange for a panel discussion showcasing the deep energy retrofit at The Fairview, a large multi-family residence in Forest Hills.

A deep energy retrofit may seem daunting Owen is at the forefront of human-robot interface design and has been one of the leaders pushing robotics in the creative industry. The Consortium is excited to host this pioneer Architecture: Activating the Brain focuses on two elements of design: how architecture and the physical environment can activate the mind, body, and brain; and understanding the unconscious in art, mind, This roundtable discussion will focus on planning and designing for mental health populations in justice facilities. A group of multi-disciplinary experts representing diverse perspectives will describe the complex issues around Acclaimed among the best books In this talk, design historian Marilyn F.

Friedman will introduce her new book Making America Modern: Interior Design in the s, which chronicles the evolution of modern interior design in One of the celebrated landscape architects who introduced Modernism to the design of outdoor space, Friedberg will Every space tells a story. Cellular Agriculture comprises a range of biotech methods that produce real animal-based materials and products, such as meat, dairy and leather… without the animals.

High-profile backers, ranging from Sergey Brin This program will provide an update on senior housing in New York City, specifically as it relates to accessibility and sustainable design. The panel will bring together perspectives and expertise These little-known events provide a useful comparison, as their planners took highly Future of Design in New York City is an annual conference to energize the community of structural engineers, architects, artists, fabricators, and builders by exploring new ways of designing, building, Kuo oversees Each program includes a During the era of Modernism, architects led the charge in addressing housing shortage, devising innovative formal, technical, and organizational strategies for mass housing at a time of rapid urbanization and Perbellini invites you to join us in remembering and honoring historian, professor, editor, author, colleague, and friend Brian Brace Taylor.

The Living Building Challenge LBC is designed to encourage the development of buildings that have a net positive benefit to their environment. To date, most certified Living buildings are low The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located twenty miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark, is famous for its enchanting seaside setting, distinctive architecture, and welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere.

Constructed around a park, CEU Credits: 1. From energy code and regulation considerations and selection of LED and controls technology, How can architects, planners, builders, and building managers ensure good design while meaningfully addressing communities about which there are many assumptions? What if buildings could make communities stronger and more This presentation by Phillip Bernstein, former Vice President of Strategic Industry Relations at Autodesk, will focus on software and the future of its use in architecture and construction, including topics Classical conceptions of beauty are associated with form—symmetry, balance, functionality—as well as delight.

Hochschild will discuss the nature of beauty in the Catholic intellectual tradition, and its relationship to Architects today play a marginal role in the production of built environments, often entering a project long after its critical limits have been defined. Tolerances are the road lines for construction—the goal is to stay within the lines, the consequences of going outside the lines depend on by how much and what is on The modern restaurant world is influencing more than just the taste buds of its clientele.

Join us for the opening of New Practices New York The designers at One Hudson Yards imagined an engaging and extraordinary spatial sequence where every detail is considered in the interiors of this , square foot building, which anchors New Yet social and human environmental These multiple-airport cities Can buildings heal and promote justice in our divided communities? How can we use design tools to create a healthier community and a more just world?

Educational and other Integrate the complete design-to-construction workflow as an efficient, collaborative digital effort. BIM initially gained traction with design professionals to iterate more fluidly, analyze options more objectively, and produce better documentation Zone Green How does the design of performance space impact the creation of new work? How can that space transform the experience of the viewer? This program will look at how recent Wednesday 5 December: presentations on site weather permitting! Several architects contributed designs to the commission entrusted under the terms of the Act of Parliament with the construction of new churches in and around London, including James Gibbs St Mary le Strand, just down from Somerset House and Nicholas Hawksmoor.

Informal Assessment Formative Programme Recommendations. The balance of essays and presentations may vary between courses as different types of learning may be required for different courses. Your tutor will inform you at the outset of their expectations regarding the coursework you should aim to achieve during this course. You will receive feedback on these pieces of work to enable you to gauge how you are progressing on the course. If you require clarification on the feedback or on what you need to do to improve your performance, please speak with your tutor.

Four brief seminar presentations, two collaborative, two individual to be allocated , plus brief presentations during our Churches walk. Details will be provided. An essay of no more than 3, words, including notes, on one of the topics below: due 7 November. The choice of topics for the first essay is set out below.

The topics, as opposed to specific questions, are meant to allow you leeway in choosing examples with which to develop your argument. One function of essays is to ensure that some people in any given class have already worked on the subject independently; you do not need to have had a class on a particular subject to write an essay about it.

Another is to give you experience in, and feedback on, research and writing that will be very useful as you work on your third-year assessed essay, whatever its subject. Double-space your essays; this gives room for me to insert comments. Illustrations ordinary photocopies are fine will generally be required for developing your argument. If you think you will have a problem meeting the essay deadline, just let me know, but in advance please.

Check the contexts in which Summerson and Cast were writing but develop your own examples, which could be works by other architects instead. Think about the implications of this statement when starting this essay; and compare topic 9, below. They need not follow this description: the Sheldonian and Trinity Library arguably do, but does Chelsea Hospital? This topic was inspired by Vanbrugh, who in wrote to the Duchess of Marlborough in hopes of saving part of old Woodstock Manor. Compare also topic 4, above; best to avoid doing both. The title is too vague for your finished essay and you should refine it, first after thinking about your examples, your argument, and your time frame.

The potential range of examples is vast and unlike many of the secondary sources you want to avoid simply describing a series of handsome set-pieces. Thursday 18 October or Wednesday 17 - to be discussed : City Churches with presentations. The walk with the group's agreement may last up to three hours. Topic outline. Essay Guide File Introductory meeting Wednesday 3 October, 10am Seminar Room 1 In this first meeting, we will take a look through the course and paperwork, fix dates for the visits, discuss the assessment, essays, presentations and other assignments, and get familiar with some of the most useful resources.

Come equipped with notes on the following questions: what significance has been granted to the Banqueting House including its decoration within the history of English art and architecture? How does your assigned reading inform on that? Susan J. Barnes and Walter S. Melion, Washington, D. Anderson Inigo Jones pp.

Strong, Britannia Triumphans File Paul J.