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Physical Properties of ZnO: Al Nanorods for Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Application

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  • Physical Properties of Nanorods.
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 5 , Rachel D. Near, Steven C. Hayden, and Mostafa A.

    What is NANOROD? What does NANOROD mean? NANOROD meaning, definition & explanation

    After a brief description of the synthesis and characterisation of the goethite nanorod suspensions, we show that the disordered phase becomes very anisotropic under a magnetic field that aligns the particles. This phenomenon is interpreted as due to the competition between the influence of the nanorod permanent magnetic moment and a negative anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility.

    Our interpretation is supported by the behaviour of the suspensions in an alternating magnetic field. Finally, we propose a model that explains all experimental observations in a consistent way.

    Physical Properties of Nanorods - Physics & Astronomy

    EPJ Appl. B Eur. E Eur. EPJ Photovolt.