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On scalars Chapter 5. Collection types Part 3.

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Functional programming techniques Chapter 6. Being lazy and set in your ways Chapter 7. Functional programming Part 4. Large-scale design Chapter 8.

Learn Clojure 7. Conditionals - Clojure Koans Walkthrough in Light Table IDE

Macros Chapter 9. Combining data and code Chapter Mutation and concurrency Chapter Parallelism Part 5. Host symbiosis Chapter Why ClojureScript?

Part 6. Tangential considerations Chapter Data-oriented programming Chapter Performance Chapter Thinking programs Chapter It's a nice intro to computer science, programming, and Python, and it's available for free online.

Book Excerpt and Interview: The Joy of Clojure

If you want an intro to programming and JavaScript, I think everyone agrees that Eloquent JavaScript is the right book. There's probably more modern stuff because now you can start a whole company and even convince people to fund you, all with JavaScript. But here's a book I actually read:. Functional JavaScript covers interesting functional programming techniques with JavaScript and the underscore library.

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I liked the content, but I also liked the writing so much that I looked for more by the author, which is what led me to the Clojure book below. Clojure is a neat language, and The Joy of Clojure is a neat book. There is a ton to learn.

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It's "a Clojure book", but as the subtitle, "Thinking the Clojure Way", indicates, the language and the book are not bashful about philosophy, and it's a different philosophy from a lot of other languages and ways of thinking. Use and appreciate functional programming with immutable data structures. Some books treat R like it's a statistics GUI that, for reasons unknown, you happen to have to type to use. Despite the title, it does also cover introductory material, but the pace is quicker and the depth is greater than The Art of R Programming.